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What is the Taboe Camp about?

Next camps:

27 Dec 2022 – 1 Jan 2023

16 - 22 July 2023


Twice a year we like to be in our warm tango-home with a group of dancers from many countries, all ages and different experiences.

We cherish values such as diversity, equality, sensitivity, playfulness and personal growth. Taboe is a place with many layers: with depth & lightness, joy & silence, trust & challenge. 

We make sure all these ingredients are present, so everyone can feel at home, open up, shine and leave nourished.

If we find it is really needed (we know it only short before the start), we will ask everyone for daily self-testing, so you need to agree on it to be able to join. 

Our Mission
Taboe Tango is something for you if ...
  •  ... you like to be with a group where our intention is to be equal, natural and authentic in the dance and beyond.
  • ... you like diversity in music, dancing styles and people 
  • ... you are curious to learn, grow, share.
  • ... you like to have new experiences also outside your comfort zone