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Taboe Tango Camp


We are very sorry, but we had to cancel the Taboe Summer Camp 2021 due to corona. But we are researching if and how we can organise a Taboe Camp around New Year. We let you know as soon as possible.



Dance your way to happiness


Our Mission
Taboe Tango Camp is the place to be ...
  • If you are like to be in a warm tango-community where we like to connect, care, contribute and include everyone.
  • If you are embracing ‘diversity‘ in people, in music, in tango styles and in the uniqe teaching approaches of our team. 
  • If you are curious to learn, to grow, to share.
  • If you like to have new experiences
  • If you can stretch your comfort zone a bit (the magic is beyond :))
What you want to learn in life you can practice in Tango