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Dates, times and place

Winter Camp: 27 Dec - 1 Jan 2019
extra milonga & live music 26 Dec

Woudenbergseweg 47, Austerlitz, NL


booking open 6 October, 10:00 AM

Arrival 27 Dec 16:00 - 20:00, diner at 19:00

Departure 1 Jan 15:00 (feel free to leave earlier)



26 Dec extra milonga with Roulotte Tango (Fr) live (stay the night over if you like)

27 Dec seminar by Natalia & Agustin


Summer Camp: 7 - 13 July 2019


Sleeping at the camp

Diner is being prepared by the centre we rent. So we do not have to cook, but the diner is fairly simple. We offer a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


The breakfast is being prepared by our own team and is a feast to see and eat.


Unfortunately the centre does not cater for diets. Some people bring food and heat it in the microwave or cook on a simple electric hot plate.

What to bring
Parties and dress code

Each camp we have one or two nights with a special dress code. We learned that sometimes this helps us to create a special focus and atmosphere.


Everything we do at the camp is based on invitation. So you do not have to dress up if you do not want to. 


Next camp we the dress codes for two nights are:

  • Body lights
  • Dark, black, stealth
    (for our dark milonga)
Helping our team