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Taboe Tango Camp

The coolest Tango retreat in the summer
The hottest Tango retreat in the winter

A magical week with about 150 dancers. All inclusive program with day & night milongas, tango(& related) classes, gatherings, rituals & games, nature and many more surprises.


Summer Camp 2 - 8 July 2017 with Natalia & Agustin, Rudy & Adeline, Peter & Pingel, Murat, Steve ... and more
Winter Camp 27 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018

Start the camp (optional) with an Intensive Seminar with Murat Erdemsel 2 July.

El Cachivache Quinteto (Buenos Aires) will join us for the second time! Their contemperary tango music is very fresh, energising and deliberately brutal. They have some cool video. Check them here.

Taboe Camp taster video: Taboe Kick-off
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The Taboe Tango camps are different then all other tango events, because:

- everybody stays the full week so you get to know everybody;
- we put a lot of emphasis on how we are together;
- we use a lot of games and sharings to create a special open and intense atmosphere;
- the program is extensive and all inclusive so everybody is participating to the max.

A quote by a participant three years after his first camp:
"I remember my first Taboe camp! I am typically English with the well-known reserve. Well I was! But I went through the normal process of doubt, "was this for me"? I remember vividly my decision was made by my thinking "Do this or not, If you do what you've always done you get what you always got"! So I jumped in with both feet.

It changed my life, I'm not kidding it really did. My approach to life and dance was radically changed and the friends I made are still my friends and they are spread all over the world and I know that if I turn up in a strange city in most of the world I'll know someone!

Impressions of previous camps at: Facebook Taboe Tango Group or or Blogspot.