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Taboe Tango Camp

The coolest Tango retreat in the summer
The hottest Tango retreat in the winter

A magical week with about 150 dancers. All inclusive program with day & night milongas, tango(& related) classes, gatherings, rituals & games, nature and many more surprises.


Summer Camp 2 - 8 July 2017 with Natalia & Agustin, Rudy & Adeline, Peter & Pingel, Murat, Steve ... and more
Winter Camp 27 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018

Taster video: Taboe Kick-off
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Start the camp (optional) with an Intensive Seminar with Murat Erdemsel 2 July.

The Taboe Tango camps are different then all other tango events, because:

- everybody stays the full week so you get to know everybody;
- we put a lot of emphasis on how we are together;
- we use a lot of games and sharings to create a special open and intense atmosphere;
- the program is extensive and all inclusive so everybody is participating to the max.

A quote by a participant three years after his first camp:
"I remember my first Taboe camp! I am typically English with the well-known reserve. Well I was! But I went through the normal process of doubt, "was this for me"? I remember vividly my decision was made by my thinking "Do this or not, If you do what you've always done you get what you always got"! So I jumped in with both feet.

It changed my life, I'm not kidding it really did. My approach to life and dance was radically changed and the friends I made are still my friends and they are spread all over the world and I know that if I turn up in a strange city in most of the world I'll know someone!

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