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Tango Links

A list of links to special people and places where Tango is alive

Tango Touch The Utrecht International Tango festival.
Torito Acces to all milonga's worldwide, the Dutch Tango agenda and more.
Tangokalender Very comprehensive and easy to use overview of all tango activities in the Netherlands.
Homer Ladas A wonderful Tango teacher from San Fransisco.
Tango Neta The website of Tango Neta in Barcelona. A nice yearly and alternative Tango event.
Tango In Devon A spot in South West UK . So beautiful, so wonderful .... to dance and enjoy. Several international Tango weeks: Tango Mango.
Tango Lab In Germany, beautiful location, lovely week en delicious food
Tango ProjectA website with a lot of Tango videos.
La Cadena The Tango journal of the Netherlands.
Jeroen Clausman The designer of this Website.