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We proudly present the teachers team for the 22th Taboe Tango Camp 15 - 21 July 2018.

Tango Teachers

Natalia Agüero & Agustín Venturino More info
Maral Kojayan & Mariano Laplume More info
Adeline Ireland More info
Candela Ramos More info
Lydia Muller More info
Yanna Benson More info
Hagen Schröter More info
Paras Saghi & Paul Vossen More info

Non tango teachers and body workers
Sacha Roberts - Shiatsu More info
Miklós Hoffer - massage More info
Adeline Ireland More info


Natalia Agüero & Agustín Venturino

This is a truly charming young couple with a breeze of freshness and enthusiasm from La Plata, Argentina.

From the many different styles and influences they developed their own teaching method. They start the lessons with exercises to develop body awareness which opens the road to explore many possibilities, instead of focusing on fixed sequences. This approach makes it possible to dance with greater ease and flexibility and enables dancers to find their own expression.
Their aim as teachers are to help people find a dance that harmonious, authentic, comfortable and natural.

Some impressions:
Their website
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Maral Kojayan & Mariano Laplume

A love & tango marriage

Maral & Mariano are leading Argentine Tango professionals from Buenos Aires, based in London and recently moved to Rotterdam! Together they give life to a rich, vivid and spontaneous improvised social dance that is characterised by creative fluidity, musical sensitivity and is simply presence inspiring.

A genuine couple in life and dance, Maral (British) and Mariano (Argentine) are a perfect blend of the best of both world when it comes to quality and authenticity in teaching and style. They are experienced senior teachers with international teaching experience in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Erfurt, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto and more.

Maral and Mariano have a unique and powerful combination; between them they have deep knowledge, skill and extensive professional experience not only with Tango but other dance forms, music and body/mind awareness which they bring to their teaching and performances.

To list a few, Maral has modern dance qualifications and has danced many different dance forms.
Mariano is a highly qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and former professional tango music (best known as a member of Sexteto Milonguero).
Maral also has extensive experience with Alexander Technique and is a certified practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. They also bring with them broad cultural understanding of Argentine Tango as Mariano is from Buenos Aires and Maral has a masters in Anthropology and lived and worked with tango in Buenos Aires for 7 years).

Maral & Mariano run the very successful yet unpretentious London Tango Garden.

Some impressions:
The last goodbye - choreography
Martín Alvarado "Gracias a la Vida" live in England
Mandria, La Catedral, Buenos Aires
Lesson Review and Demo
Demo Erfurt 2018
Their website
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Adeline Ireland

Adeline's dance experience began with a decade of jazz dance and aerobics, which led to her first teaching experiences. In 2002, she found argentine tango and was fascinated by the degree of awareness necessary for tango's intensity of connection. Adeline started teaching tango during her time at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she received her Masters in Gender Studies and Pedagogy.

Her desire to enhance her effectiveness in teaching tango motivated her to pursue graduate studies in dance pedagogics. Upon completing her dance teaching credential, she immediately migrated to Buenos Aires to study and teach tango.

After touring for several years through the States and Europe she returned to Berlin and began work as a full-time tango instructor in Berlin's three largest Tango schools (TTMS, Nou, Mala Junta). She worked with a great variety of colleagues which fostered an openness for different techniques and styles.

Adeline is - besides a tango teacher - also qualified in more styles of yoga. She will also offer in the morning 'Yin Yoga' body work classes. Yin yoga is based on relaxing the body and mind with gentle streching exercises. In these classes we will do exercises chosen especially to support our tango-body. We will balance stretching and strengthening to get strong and stable without loosing qualities like smoothness or elasticity. Focus will be balance and the mobilisation/rotation of the spine - two main qualities for tango. Bring comfortable clothes and either a thick yoga mat or 2 thin ones.

Some impressions:
Adeline with Alejandro
Adeline with Korey
Adeline's website
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Candela Ramos

Candela gave her first dance's steps in a ballet barre with 6 years old and passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Arabe, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance.

She arrived into Tango at the age of 15 years old. After few years she met Dana Frigoli, Pablo Villarraza and the Studio "DNI Tango" where she did an intense formation as teacher and dancer, ending to work there in the Studio and the Company for 4 years long. On those years she was in charge of the Contemporary dance classes on the school where she developed a method for Tango dancers related to the TTC approach(Tango tecnology conceptual, technique applied for DNI studio).

When she turns 21 years old she moved to Berlin, Germany in order to improve her contemporary dance, the most influenced method was "Axis Syllabus" the one that now she keep going on research. Also she continued with the Tango teaching in Berlin, as well as traveling through Germany, Poland, Italy, Holland, Russia, France and Spain where she was called by determined events and Festivals.

Now She is the Choreographer on the new production of the Parisian company "A part of the whole" directed by Nathalie Bentolila where she also participate as a dancer, actress and singer.

Having residence in Barcelona now she keeps going on with the work of inspire new people to the Tango world.

Her research and approach is based on the awareness of Anatomy and Physiology of the body to use it in favor as she dances. Medical resources on biomechanics and physics applied into movement helped her to realize how to prevent injuries and to get energy efficient choices. By that, she gets rid of much of the after dance pain, dance through longer periods of time and have a longer life as a mover. She is part of the "Axis Syllabus International Research Network" which is a list of information of this kind. This specific focus for alignment brought her freedom into improvisation as well as adaptability to deal with different dancers styles.

Some impressions:
Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2017, Candela & Adrian
Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2018, Candela & Tymoteusz
her website
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Lydia Muller (DE)
Lydia Müller (Germany) is a professional dancer in tango, contemporary dance, ballet and contact improvisation based in The Netherlands. She is specialiced in the fusion of Argentinean tango with contemporary dance and contact improvisation. She studied tango with Jorge "El Pardo" Vieyra, Claudio & Melina, Gustavo Naveira, Leonardo Cuello and Dana Frigoli, among others. She has been working since many years as professional contemporary danser in well known dance companies in Europe.

In 2010 she won the 1st prize with a tango fusion choreography of Ezequiel Sanucci at Rabotheater Open Podium Twente in The Netherlands. Together with Ezequiel Saniucci she performed and teached at major festivals, theaters and milongas in Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Venezuela and Mexico.

Some impressions:
Cabeceame performance
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Hagen Schröter

In 2000, Hagen came to Berlin to study philosophy and to learn tango. Since then the enthusiasm for this dance has never left thim. He learned from Lito Breglia, Udo Hartmann, Homer Ladas, Chicho Frumboli and Horacio Godoy.

Over the years he has developed a dynamic, creative and playful dance style. The non-verbal exchange with his partner about the perception and interpretation of the music is the most interesting aspect of his dance.

Hagen has been teaching at Nou Tango Berlin since 2005. In doing so, he is particularly concerned to help his students to find their own style, expression and, above all, freedom in dance. In 2010, Hagen expanded the studio in the middle of Nou Tango Berlin and has been Deputy Managing Director since then. In recent years, he has also appeared as a DJ or teacher at various national and international festivals, marathons and seminars. In the year 2013 Hagen took his medical examination and since then he has been studying shiatsu and osteopathy.

More info:
Hagen met Rudy @ Nou Studentenmilonga Berlin, May 2015
Nou Tango Berlin
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Yanna Ebson

Yanna has been dancing Tango since 2005 and teaching since 2009. She has taught internationally, in Holland, Germany and the UK. She has further experience in jazz/ballet, theatre, choreography, community dance theatre and film. She runs events, parties and festivals. As part of her qualification, she did teacher training. Her emphasis within the dance is quality and connection. She leads and follows in a sensitive and delightful way.

Her website:
Tango Note
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Paras Sághi and Paul Vossen

Paras was in her youth a Rhythmical Gymnast for 10 years, going to competitions in many countries and winning many medals inclusive the golden one of the Hungarian Championship. After her sport-carrier she danced in different dance companies. She is experienced in many disciplines: classical, modern and jazz ballet, contact improvisation, dance therapy, yoga and the most inner movements she learned in India: Qigong and the Buddhist Vipassana meditation. She is a skilled teacher of dance-expression for kids and adults.

When she discovered Tango in 1998, Paras was so astonished by its richness with its silent, intimate, heartfelt, sensual and playful moments, that she decided to put her focus into this dance.

Paul made his first tango steps in 1991 and probably danced at least once around the world since then. He is inspired by many teachers from Argentine and Europe, and also by other movement disciplines such as dance improvisation, Qigong and yoga. His dance is fluent and playful. He has a soft lead with space for the follower's initiative. He is always searching for ways to go beyond the technique to find the space where the two dancers becomes truly One in the dance.

Paras and Paul are dancing together since 1999, and started to teach in 2003 in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary and Italy. Their main interest is to be a good and committed teacher, rather than a performing artist. They followed many workshops and seminars with many Argentine maestros in Europe and Argentina and studied few months in the well-known DNI School in Buenos Aires with Pablo, Dana and many other teachers there. They have an 'open minded' approach, as they have found a lot of valuable things in all the different styles from milonguero till nuevo. Their investigation in tango is like a long journey, always moving, changing and evolving. They believe that the Magical moments happen only partly thanks to the technical skills, and that's why they like to work with the "Extras": presence and body awareness, qualities and intensity, dialog and improvisation. They have a new approach to it, called the TaoTango.
Their motto is: 'Magic happens always outside the comfort zone'. That's why they found a light and playful way to challenge the dancers to trust, open up, connect and interact and a little more intense than usually. They like longer events, because they are more suitable for this as the group stays together. They organize the Taboe Tango Camp, a big, innovative and international tango 'retreat'week twice a year.

"We love to gather with all these tango-nomads from all around the world in this warm and joyful 'refuge' in the forest. We create the circumstances that everybody can feel at ease and part of the 'Taboe tribe'. Besides all the hours of dancing, we offer many little extras to encourage people to connect, interact and even talk with each other ... because we find, that this open atmosphere is really important when staying together with such a huge group of 150 or more people for a week."

Some impressions:
Living Doll performance in Ruigrok Amsterdam
Spontaneous performance in Flores Mannheim
Phantastango performance on live music
Play with enganches (class)
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